Rebecca is probably the only person, aside from Colonel Mustang, who knows how to push Riza's buttons and make her angry, making jokes about the coincidence of Riza working for famous womanizers and being assigned to important positions. So, Hawkeye was named after a cool plane. $19.99. Colleen Clinkenbeard (Funimation dub) Muriel Hofmann (Animax dub). In Perfect Guidebook 2, it is stated that, Like nearly all military personnel in the Fullmetal Alchemist series, Hawkeye is named after a military vehicle, vessel or weapon, in her case, the, One of Riza's pistols greatly resembles the. Despite the emotional difficulties in facing her mistakes, she learns to school herself and her emotions as personal struggles, brushing off the concern of others, always bearing grief or physical pain with a stiff upper lip. Riza is a pale-skinned woman in her mid-to-late twenties with mid-back length blonde hair and brown eyes. Riza Hawkeye is a woman in her mid-to-late twenties with a moderately muscular and curvaceous build, blonde hair that reaches the middle of her back and brown eyes. Conversations from Mustang & Hawkeye Story Mode (FMA Dream Carnival Translation) Here’s the full dialogue translation from the Royai arc of FMA Dream Carnival for PS2 as requested by @prettywitchiusaka!I went all the way and translated the prologue as well BECAUSE MAES HUGHES IS THE BEST EVER BEST FRIEND AND WINGMAN… and so you guys can understand the context of the … Les deux figurines peuvent se placer sur le même socle, ou chacun de leur côté. Rank Riza pushed Roy down, on the desk, so he was lying on his back. 3 Roy/Riza: Riza Saved Roy's Humanity Roy Mustang charged in head-first to fight Envy (to avenge Maes Hughes), and Riz Hawkeye was ordered to stay back. Of course he would ask that, here, now with the sky spread out above them like brushed velvet and the scent of his cologne just the lightest tease in the air, eyes dark, holding her gaze with such gravitational pull as the moon.She gives him the fainest, bittersweet smile, her chest tightening. Nevertheless, it is implied that she was devoted to him in a fashion and believed in his assertions that Flame Alchemy would be an asset to mankind. This Riza Hawkeye figure is over 4 inches and is armed and ready to show her sharpshooting skills. Favourite Bands / Musical Artists. Riza Hawkeye. No, Riza’s just one name in his list of exes, sprung another one. Aside from Riza's high-level administrative and secretarial skills (keeping subordinates in line, organizing and filling out paperwork as well as preparing tea and coffee expertly), she is an expert sharpshooter and firearms specialist. Shintetsu-Alphonse May 2, 2009. Log in / Sign up . Riza's connection with Colonel Mustang is easily the most significant of her personal relationships. Roy Mustang is ruthless and resourceful, and to his enemies, he is downright terrifying, as Lust the assassin and Envy the shapeshifter (both homunculi) can attest to. Parental Roy and Parental Riza. Even though Riza has noted (in Perfect Guidebook 2) that skirts restrict movement and therefore are not welcome in a military office, while in civilian clothes, she is mostly seen with in long skirts and boots, with her hair down. #roy mustang #riza hawkeye #royai #fma #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood #fmab #fullmetal alchemist #my art. Some hearsay argues that nothing is going on between them. - Megahouse est une figurine sorti le 25 Août 2021 chez Megahouse - Goodie She also pesters Riza with questions about men, boyfriends, and marriage. As a result of their deeply intertwined histories, the Flame Alchemist has entrusted Riza with his life as his adjutant and has deemed her as both his conscience and executioner by giving her the express authority to shoot him in the back should he ever stray from the righteous path. The Riza Hawkeye figure is over 4" inches and is armed and ready to show her sharpshooting skills. I Love Ur Gallery. Mustang?" Master Berthold Hawkeye was both the alchemist who mentored Roy Mustang as well as the estranged father of Riza Hawkeye. riza hawkeye and roy mustang images pour créer des riza hawkeye and roy mustang e-cartes, des profils personnalisés, des blogs, des publications sur murs et des riza hawkeye and roy mustang albums, page 1 de 250. In normal situations, this role seemingly amounts to Lt. Hawkeye being a sort of "babysitter" to the irresponsible Roy, frequently nagging him to complete his administrative paperwork and offering sharp criticisms when he steps out of line. Roy has been pining for Riza, his advisor's daughter, for a year. One that is run by an Ice Princess. Frank Archer X Riza Hawkeye. tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title. figures of Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye come together in a dynamic set! She climbed on top of him, on all fours. Series Japan PSL. A Riza/Roy tribute to the song Join Me In Death by HIM. Birthplace O lo farà fuggire. While in the presence of Hayate, we are shown a more domestic, intimate side of the infamous "Hawk's Eye". 18,988 notes. Roy stating he cannot allow to lose her too. Quando un donnaiolo come Roy scopre il suo vero amore, sarà capace di raggiungerlo? Riza's theme song on the CD Theme of Fullmetal Alchemist is called 'Bonne Nuit', which means 'good night' in French and it is sung by Fumiko Orikasa (Riza's seiyuu), who is also a famous singer in Japan. Mid to late 20's One shot. Lieutenant Hawkeye has never had any particular affection for the holiday, until Colonel Mustang invites her to spend it with him in Central. $40.49. Fullmetal Alchemist Complete Book: Story Side.

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