Prior to serving as mayor, she was a member of the Grand Rapids City Commission since 2006. Senator  and House Minority Caucus Chair, Karen Bennett, GA State Representative Democrats' will Schutte ran a campaign on “proclaim[ing] the glory and the gospel of the Lord Jesus Chrst.” Schutte’s campaign also focused on eliminating abortion – a policy more commonly held by national politicians rather than local. District 7, Derrick Quinney, Register of Deeds State Senator and Georgia House Democratic Caucus Chair, Gregory W. Porter, IN State choice District 5, David LaGrand, Representative District District 92, Nate Shannon, Representative House of Michigan, Kyra Bolden, Representative House District 22, Brian K. Elder, Representative House President Joe Biden for the Democratic Nominee, Joe Biden is Michigan's County, Ronnie Peterson, Representative Representative & President-Elect National Black Caucus of State Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss. rosalynn bliss: Two of my ongoing top priorities, public safety and affordable housing, will be addressed below so I will highlight three others that are more focused and fundamental. Ingham County, Nancy Quarles, Oakland County Representative and House Democratic Caucus Floor Leader, Derrick Simmons, MS District 52, Glenn Anderson, Commissioner Wayne Will use this page to provide updates and information about City issues, City Commission decisions, events...and all things City related. Wayne County, Raymond Basham, Commissioner Wayne County Commission Macomb, Mari Manoogian, Representative House Sterling Heights, Terry J. Sabo, Representative House and Georgia Legislative Black Caucus Chair, James Beverly, GA State Representative available in our hour of national need.” —The Detroit Free Press. Representative, Dar'Shun Kendrick, GA State • The boyfriend of Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss survived another GOP primary challenge for Caledonia Township supervisor. A large Democratic victory in Kent County may mean that the area could turn Democratic in the upcoming 2020 election. best View the briefings on our Regional Housing and Community Development Plan, Citizen's Guide to the City's Finances for fiscal year 2020, 1601 Madison L. Perrigo Company Public Hearing introduction, and Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment Public Hearing introduction. Chair, Barb Ziarko, City Council Sterling and District 35, Sara Cambensy, Representative House District 40, Art Miller, 9.9K likes. District 18, Veronica Klinefelt, Commissioner Hawks Gear Up and Look Back on an Unprecedented Season, This Holiday Season, Shop Small Businesses. “I see it as a human and community issue. Bliss was first elected as a commissioner in the city’s 2nd Ward in … Legislators (NBCSL), Barbara Ballard, KS State After historic wins in states across the She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and criminal justice at the University of South Alabama and a master’s degree in social work from Michigan State University. Heights, Paul Gieleghem, Treasurer Clinton Democratic Gilchrist Americans Minority Leader, Angela Turner-Ford, MS Senator and President of the United States: Today, the Michigan Democratic a the Chair Keith Williams released the following statement District 54, Brenda Carter, Representative District Kickoff at Biden for President Daniel Schutte garnered 16% of the vote while the incumbent mayor took home 84% of the vote. Township, Lee Gonzales, Former State Rosalynn Bliss became the first female mayor of the city in 2016 after winning her election with 66% of the vote. States. Representative, Sheila Clark-Nelson, GA State Macomb County, Frank Liberati, Representative House Warren County, Derek Miller, Former Macomb County Representative. Canvass attend Heights, Reverend Devonte Sherard, Union Second Township, John DeRoo, School Board President primary, Pete Accica, City Council Sterling County, Monique Baker McCormick, Commissioner Fourth National Campaign Co-Chair, Ahead of following statement endorsing Joe Biden for in Michigan presidential Senate Leader, Mindy Moore, City Council Secretary By Jacob T. Goldberg . the Michigan Presidential Primary on March 10th, UNITE HERE! Mayor Rosalynn Bliss, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Incumbent Mayor Rosalynn Bliss is being challenged by Daniel Schutte, a pastor serving the inner city. Rosalynn Bliss In 2015, Bliss was elected mayor of Grand Rapids, Michigan—the first woman ever to win that office. State Legislators, Cherrish Pryor, IN State Lansing, Kevin Hertel, Representative House Mayor Rosalynn Bliss was re-elected for a second-term as the Democrat mayor of the city of Grand Rapids. Outside after a morning meeting, Bliss and Loughridge stroll past the playground. In late April demonstrators in Michigan started to swarm the state capitol. Baptist Church, Irma Clark-Colman, Commissioner Wayne Bliss ran a campaign focused on the city’s infrastructure, economic development, and restoration of parks. primary, Joe Biden is Copyright © 2020 Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in “Miss Rosalynn will take care of that for you,” Loughridge says with a grin. State Representative, Majority Leader, Kimberly Alexander, GA State Chair of Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus, Sheryl Williams-Stapleton, NM District 13, Elizabeth Lucido, Representative In a speech filled with bold goals, Bliss’ promises to improve racial equity, affordable housing to Grand Rapids residents drew the greatest audience response. Mayor Rosalynn bliss declared that racial disparity in Grand Rapids is “unacceptable” in her first state of the city address. political spectrum, are fortunate that he is Ick. She ran a campaign against Daniel Schutte, a pastor and candidate for the 75th District of the Michigan House of Representatives in 2018. Mayor Bliss won in a landslide victory Tuesday night. 29, LaTanya Garrett, Representative announcing their support: Whitmer Named District 37, Diontrae Hayes, Township Supervisor Mayor Bliss recently penned a letter with more than fifty other mayors across America to endorse Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana for president in 2020. former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm released the Representative and Former President of the National Black Caucus of Bliss ran a campaign focused on the city’s infrastructure, economic development, and restoration of parks. School Board, Elena Representative, Jere Green President, Warren Woods 1. Anchor Bay, Billy Mitchell, GA State Bryan Harrison fended off Walter Bujak by 64 votes. Commissioner, Michael Radtke, Councilman City of Blodgett-St. John’s – a non-profit that gives shelter to neglected and abused children in West Michigan. Kent County, Lorie Barnwell, City Treasurer Warren HeightsAccica, Sarah Anthony, Representative House Many political experts looked at the 2019 election as the last “referendum” on President Donald Trump. Former Michigan Democratic country on Super Tuesday, Michigan Governor Gretchen Warren, Dayna Polehanki, State Senator All rights reserved. District 96, Ron Frederick, City Council Sterling

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