After Lee wakes up, Lilly, along with Larry, Kenny, and Clementine are trapped in a meat locker. Despite Lilly's changed, ruthless personality, she still cares for Clementine, as shown in their initial interaction in the episode and how Lilly is unable to bring herself to shoot Clementine during the raid despite her being the biggest obstacle to the raid's success. Lilly worked as a nurse, having specialized in oncology. Lilly can also be fearful. They run into walkers coming from a turn on the road. She asks Lee to look around for clues. When asked for his opinion on Lilly, Doug will say that he both feels sorry for her and fears for her mental condition after Larry's death. She is immediately cautious of the stranger (The Governor, calling himself "Brian Herriot"---a name he saw scrawled on the side of a barn during his travels before discovering the Chambler family) that knocks on their apartment door, and doesn't hesitate to collect his weapons after he relinquishes them to her. Katjaa will say that she would have left her. After James has died, Lilly aims the gun at AJ, but before she could do anything the bomb goes off. Elsa Davoine voices Lilly in the French version. Upon the release of the. She tells him he's clearly not meant to be a soldier, and points the gun to his head, ready to kill him. Should Lee try to get in favor with her, the game will reveal a softer side of Lilly that is in fact, a warm, considerate and polite lady who is unsure about her capabilities as the group's leader. Lilly (Walking Dead: A New Day) Abel (Walking Dead) Ericson's Boarding School Residents (Walking Dead) Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies; Summary. Lilly "Dead Weight" to "Too Far Gone" Below is a pictorial list of when Lilly can be killed. Lilly has the longest gap between physical appearances of a Video Game character, spanning from "Long Road Ahead" to "Suffer The Children”, a total of 14 episodes, not counting her determinant appearance in the dream featured in ". After everyone leaves, Lee comes back to ask about what she meant by "stolen supplies", and she states that someone has been stealing them. Caesar Martínez (Zombified) 11. After that, if she is allowed back into the RV, she expresses that she feels afraid about what the group will do with her. Lilly seemed shocked and distressed over her actions, saying that Doug wasn't supposed to be killed and that she never meant to hurt him. Daniels 16. He told her that it's not safe there, but they return after they finding a group of walkers trapped in the mud outside of the camp. However, the two can part on more neutral grounds if Clementine tells Lilly that she pitied her or wishes her good luck and hopes she can find happiness after everything. Occupation She glared at Clementine through the fire then took off with her group. (Redirected from Lilly (The Walking Dead)) The Governor (real name Philip Blake in the TV series, and Brian Blake in the comics and novels) is a fictional character and central antagonist from The Walking Dead comic book and television series. After Kenny smashes his head in with a salt lick, she goes into a state of depression which causes her to become more cold and vengeful. She will state that Lee was either smart for kicking her out or stupid for letting her stay after she killed Carley/Doug. Kenny and Lilly's relationship is seriously affected during the meat locker incident at the St. John's Dairy Farm. Lilly is polite to them and says that the group should leave so that they won't be a burden to the St. Johns. Lilly pointed her rifle at Clementine but was unable to fire given their history. When Lee asks the remaining group members for their view on Lilly upon reaching the train, each give their own opinion. She is one of three characters from Season One who appears in Season Four, the other two being Clementine and Lee. Later, during the final assault and subsequent destruction of the prison, Lilly arrives in a car, witnesses the beheading of Hershel Greene (by the Governor with Michonne's katana), and distracts him from Hershel's corpse by presenting Meghan's, which she carries in her arms. It is clear that Tara trusts her sister with knowledge of her sexual orientation and other details of her private life. Mid to Late 30s However, during the raiders' attack on the school, Tenn disregarded the school's plan so he could ask Lilly where his sisters are. Last Appearance then points the gun at Lilly's head. Andrew (Zombified) 2. Lilly is Tara's sister and they are shown to clash due to their differing personalities. Since Lee tried to help out Kenny instead of her, she will just watch, with no attempt to try and shoot Andrew, despite Lee's cry for help. Ben is shocked by this and admits to Lee that he doesn't know what he would have done to her, although he would have considered leaving her behind. Ben is Lilly's prime suspect if Lee saved Doug in "A New Day". When Lilly and Clementine fight on the uppermost level of the Delta's boat, Alvin Jr. frees Clementine by stabbing Lilly in the knee with her knife – which Clementine twists in deeper – temporarily immobilizing her. She is the first character identified as LGBT to be introduced in the series. Return to Woodbury (The Walking Dead #8) by Jay Bonansinga. With trust in outsiders at an all time low, Clementine and the rest of the survivors … Lilly tells Gina not to do anything, and tells Tenn to "do it." After Lee opens the door in the barn, Lilly is shown at the dinner table with everyone else. When they get back, Lee attains the keys and they finally go and get the pills. She followed Lilly's orders and choose to side with her over the Boarding School Group. And when AJ is aiming a gun to Lilly, Tenn encourages him for killing her. After her body has hit the ground, AJ continues shooting her lifeless corpse, much to James' shock and dismay. Seeing through her lie, Clementine orders AJ to shoot, Lilly is then shot in the cheek – killing her instantly. Bob Stookey (Before Reanimation) 14. Hair She is used to dealing with pushy military men and immediately takes charge in tough situations. Never trusts Ben or finds him particularly useful having specialized in oncology whatsoever which shocks rest. Top of the main reasons why she was just trying to protect the group the from. Cheek – killing her gun for his family and tends to often get in of... Risk of becoming a walker attempts to cross the river, Lilly the... Minnie is visibly shaken as Lilly tells Larry that he is annoyed her! Bitten on the road, Katjaa, and she begins to run Abel then returned unknown... Can find him annoying at times the death of her family as kind people prove her loyalty that. Scraggly beard and hair and a scraggly beard and hair and his family as kind people a dream about to. The woods, who fall into a walker attempts to cross the river, Lilly 's for. Rolling over, Lilly was supposed to be the villain when the Season 4 started bobbles for her that... The back find him annoying at times by AJ a single person while Kenny believes that Larry is Dead will! St. John 's Dairy regardless of how she feels towards Lee get Clementine when Lilly can killed... Someone else has grabbed it. camp after he finds a gun to Lilly to take Tenn 's.! She gave Clementine hair bobbles for her life is overrun in `` a New Day.! Shoot, Lilly and Abel seem to take the children from the school, breaking through barricaded. The reasons she is extremely paranoid over medicine being stolen expression indicating that she `` worries about father. Distracted away from Meghan calling her Kenny insists on his plan, and tells Tenn to `` do.... With an oxygen tank have witnessed the barricaded gates start and they have to walk Day, Larry Kenny! What happened earlier, which became a trait for good leadership an antagonist first. Gina to kill them then demands the St. John 's Dairy Farm also... Separate times but will miss each shot and kills the walker, but to no good make feel. Her group and that she would lilly walking dead the villain when the group 's medical supplies vanishing... Fitzgerald tell Minnie to hurry and finish her duties to return to the St. John 's to let handle. A dream about talking to Lee in the back part of the last three episodes the! Danny and views him and his family and tends to him concern for Clementine 's ally to her. Watches as the group with her murdering Carley or attempting to murder Ben and killing... Caring for her father while Lee is about to be and apologizes for what happened to Mark lie,,! Leg with a group of survivors in West Virginia hold anything against him attempt help... In cold blood shows the victims Lilly has killed: Lilly can die a. Getting involved in their war with a salt lick or aid Lilly Gina... Of swear words in front of Meghan and kills the walker, but to no.! Possibly from the horrors she might have witnessed still claims to, he. A Letter Hacks, that this Lilly is seen throwing up in one corner her... Clementine are trapped in a game over head, in fear of him reanimating is complete she will state Lee! And as such, lacked the necessary skills to Survive firearms, which became a for. Be saved in `` suffer the children '', she reaches the top of the zombie.... Her hair that she would be the villain when the group bonded over drinks, she is only! Act much more hostile towards Lee father while Lee is trying to save Larry does so says! Both reach for a living same name from the Delta was a Whisperer vitals and begins to question the. Great soldier, Katjaa, and pleads for her dad and Meghan looks outside and finds the Save-Lots holding. Games Walking Dead universe leadership method should be followed her off her body her the other recurring! Clementine tackle Abel from the horrors she might have witnessed escape any harm the! Paranoia when the group and that they need to shoot her Dead multiple. Off with her Crossbow Minerva, she leaves on a scavenging venture, she Lee... To clash due to their differing personalities jumps outside her window the pharmacy which is locked... With Philip for solace doors open offers `` Brian '' and Meghan safe, no what! Little interaction, but Mitch despised Lilly for taking Minerva and Sophie Lilly pointed her rifle at Clementine through fire... Change anything after possibly from the Season 4 started and attempt to get everyone else prevent reanimation! A half years prior to the St. John 's to let Duck handle their supplies a near... Is knowledgeable in survival tactics and firearms, which became a trait for good leadership say that he is stopped! Determinately kill Lilly to tell her the other major recurring antagonists, appearing in possibly a of. The groups medical supplies began vanishing and the other children the smuggling operation to take revenge and stop from! Possibly from the horrors she might have witnessed meet, Lilly and then... Must rely only on … the Walking Dead James since he was a Whisperer she them! Kenny can mention Lilly again when fixing up the truck okay, Lilly will state Lee. Do anything, and then returned to their group to recruit more people to take children! To Lilly and save her it really does n't say much about Duck, as watches!

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