The trainers lost the lawsuit however because of the number of victimized trainers whose Pokémon were killed by a Ling-Ling that testified on behalf of the 3 regions. In the episode Toot Goes Bollywood, Toot asked the housemates if anyone wanted to have sex with her. More recently, they have been seen on the sets of reality shows. In The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!, a slow, depressed version plays to represent Ling-Ling's sadness that Xandir didn't go with his plan in the dungeon of the castle. „Hun yuan ling tong“ bedeutet sinngemäß: Du bist eins mit dem Ursprung. Ling-Ling you and me! Hi everyone I hope you help me like and shears this page together for me and buy a lot of my product Thanks & regard However, this does not hold true in all cases. When Ling-Ling is equipped with bling-blingX (given by Doomsday or Friday), it's attacks can even slay the mightiest of warriors! Ling Ling, Ling-Ling, or Lingling may refer to: . It is suggested in Season Three that Toot may be able to understand Ling-Ling as well; in the episodes "Freaks & Greeks" and "Mexican't Buy Me Love", Ling-Ling and Toot have several conversations during which Toot seems to be able to understand Ling-Ling's dialect perfectly, despite her inability to do so in previous episodes. Strive to greatest destiny Ling-Ling was put on the guys team. Like Pokémon, he is a creature who battles regularly, utilizing an array of supernatural powers (examples being his ability to glow in the dark, shoot lasers from his eyes, fly, and create balls of energy capable of stunning or immobilizing his opponents). He is also able to use his tail as a sword, as seen in the episode "Foxxy vs. the Board of Education". A running gag on the show involves Ling-Ling's difficulty pronouncing the letter "L", usually substituting the letter "R". Oxygen plasma will help your skin appear radiant and youthful. Ling-Ling's species secretes a hallucinogen through the skin when disappointed, though he may not be able to do this anymore after Xandir, Toot, and Wooldoor licked him dry in "The Other Cousin". Ling-Ling the movie! Hero said that "He'd stick and stir any one of those broads." In an interview for Comedy Central's Motherload, Abbey DiGregorio dubs Ling-Ling's language "Japorean," which she admits is nonsense gibberish that is only supposed to sound like Chinese, Japanese, Korean or other languages from Eastern Asia. He brought multiple women home and banged them every night, only to dump them in the next morning. In the episode Captain Girl, Toot wanted to get impregnated. Für ein optimales Ergebnis das umfassende LING- Hautpflegeprogramm bestehend aus fünf einfachen Schritten befolgen. Jin Ling ist eine Zigarettenmarke der „Baltischen Tabakfabrik“ (russisch Балтийская Табачная фабрика, BTF). It is not known whether she and Ling-Ling are still involved with each other. Ling-Ling has appeared only once in the Pokémon TCG in the "Battle Masters" series of booster packs. This is an example of breaking the fourth wall. Inhalt: 30 ml LING Oxygen Plasma Potion Menge If Ling-Ling were female, it would even out the 4 on 4 ratio of men and women in the household. In the episode Little Orphan Hero, Ling-Ling was part of a suicide hotline and he was seen wearing a bikini, along with the girls on the team. Places. One such case involved a Ling-Ling killing it's trainer with an electric attack moments after being let out of it's Poké Ball. Ling-Ling's voice actor is a female, but many female voice actors have voiced male characters. In fact, one trading card collector known as Jeff "Comic Book Guy" Albertson almost sold his store for a Ling Ling card. Bio Reishi / Ling Zhi. They also kick ass. In "Spelling Applebee's", Ling-Ling is asked to spell the word "L" at the spelling bee; his only response is to stare blankly. Jun-Jee also called him on the phone, addressing him as his "Number one son" and telling him that "He knows he's enjoyed living the bachelor life." Price is for one bottle. After leaving the "Drawn Together" house to get the groceries at the nearby L.A. store Ling Ling spotted Britney Spears leaving the parking lot. In that episode, after he kills Xandir, Ling-Ling finally realizes the value of human life when he is confronted by Xandir's weeping mother. Rain Satan Down Your Throat And Burn Your Testicles! However, this episode was not canon for any of the characters, it was never acknowledged again, and the other couples in the episode were denied and written out of the show faster than his, being ended in the same episode so it only makes sense that his was too. Niyam Shabd Ka Ling Nirnay Kare? In the episode Charlotte's Web of Lies, it was revealed what it looks like under Ling-Ling's fur when Xandir shaved his eyebrow, revealing his skin underneath. Ling-Ling's speech does contain occasional words of English added for comic effect (for instance, when discussing the death of a Mexican prostitute, the only understandable words are "Paris Hilton"); however, they are simply gags rather than an actual attempt to translate Ling-Ling's language. However, this appears to be just a gag; to date, Ling-Ling has not demonstrated any bisexual tendencies through his behavior on the show. He is one of the eight housemates who are the focus of the show. They have been known to kill unsuspecting bystanders without warning. Pikachu uses lightning powers and Ling Ling can blast bright purple beams of plasma. Ling-Ling victory! When Wooldoor first meets Ling-Ling in "Hot Tub", he assumes Ling-Ling is a dog, and has been placed in the house to be the family's pet. In "Hot Tub", Clara is clearly unable to understand his battle challenge, and in "Clara's Dirty Little Secret", all the housemates except Spanky think he is telling them to kill Clara's Octopussoir when he is actually telling them to clean the dirty dishes in the sink. When Ling-Ling gets angry or is about to kill someone, he often grows spikes and becomes more powerful. Through unparalleled bloodshed! As Mr. Nagasaki in A Very Special Drawn Together Afterschool Special, he solicits Xandir's services as a prostitute, but since he is role-playing, this act cannot be considered indicative of Ling-Ling's true character. Ling-Ling's fur was ripped off of his chest, revealing what his body looks like underneath. Unfortunately as he got to his car she just yelled "F**k off orange face" and she ran over his foot. A list of Asian stereotypes that have been applied to Ling-Ling at certain points in the series. It was confirmed by Ling Ling's voice actor in an interview that when she voices Ling Ling, she does not speak an actual language and instead speaks a language of random gibberish that she called "Japorean.". So it can be said that Sid is just a battle monster without the fur or vice versa. Both Ling-Ling and his father are mentioned as liking women with small feet in several episodes ("Gay Bash", "A Very Special Drawn Together Afterschool Special", "Freaks & Greeks"), referencing another Asian sexual stereotype. Though despite this he is probably the most intelligent memeber of the house. There have been reports of some collectors beating each other within an inch of each others' life for a Ling-Ling card. Ling-Ling (not to be confused with the hermaphrodite Panda Bear) is a species of mouse Pokémon of the electric and dark elements.

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