I mean, the fundamental anchoring of that company was rigorous decision-making. At least 70MM US homes have Amazon Prime, so they get Prime Video. NBCUniversal and Sky exited to Comcast, a telecom, while Time Warner sold to AT&T, a telecom. One is, what’s the offering that’s going to come forward, and then the separate is, what’s the market context that’s already going to exist? Gaming is going to grow a lot in the future. Right. So you don’t have any spidey-sense, like when we saw 3-D a few years ago, and everyone said, “Oh, 3-D is the thing, we’re going to invest heavily in it,” and then they went to VR, “That’s the thing and we’re going to invest heavily in it,” and everyone sort of moved at once. I don’t know whether or not they do or don’t to make it work. That’s the short version. Uncovering and explaining how our digital world is changing — and changing us. Some of that time per day is highly intentional prioritized time. You point to things like Fortnite as an argument that, yeah, they’re doing it. You take a look. I think what they are seeing is that they’re struggling to compete with Amazon in that video space, despite some of the aforementioned advantages, and they’re trying to figure out ways to improve that offering. The monetization is very different and the strategy around it is very different. There’s a shorthand for all this stuff, that sloppy thinkers like me do and they say, “Oh, this is a Netflix killer,” but that’s just a sloppy headline. Considering where the Reds finished last season, steady progress for … They generally aren’t people who want to be management consultants. Those customers who are late adopters, they’re typically harder to get. And they know that people are particularly passionate about video. Actually, I think I’m going to do video gaming. But the audience is choosing that they still want it there. Yeah, I can see lots of things you could do with Despicable Me 1, 2, 3, and all of those. No. But they haven’t had the choice to live in an unbundled world, up until now. What is paying your rent or mortgage or associated bills? And then we hit the valley, and everyone said, “Actually, consumers don’t actually want this.” You’re pretty confident consumers do want this. This doesn’t mean giving away said service for free or at an artificially low price solve for profitability. It is not going to drive first-time Prime subscribers, not Prime Video, but first-time Prime subscribers in Malaysia, in India, in Brazil. Anything that consumers want to consume in massive volumes is going to just, through tonnage, be expensive. I was going to ask you if he paid you living wages. Frequently when someone writes about ... Oh, everyone’s ... There’s a Disney service and a Warner service and Amazon, etc. They’ve got another 90 or 100 million globally. I’ve never watched it anyway. WandaVision is Marvel Studios’ first big Disney Plus show. Sprint bundles Hulu. By Matthew Ball and Alex Kruglov November 12, 2019 Video The 126-year fight to change Mississippi’s Confederate flag On November 3, 2020, Mississippi ... Vox Media logo. What is the thing ... And you’re always telling people what they don’t understand about Netflix. Instead of selling its subscribers Disney+, Verizon is going to give it away free to reduce churn. They already do that. Amazon is “guaranteed” to be one of them, he says. They know that their brand can attract top-tier creators, and so the idea that they can take some of their cash reserves, put out about a dozen or a half-dozen TV shows per year, and use that to become an anchor asset around that video content, is a very plausible strategy. It’s true that many media businesses achieve decades of high margins and reliable revenues. Some are being retained internally, some are still going to be sold on the open marketplace. They know what DC is, and we’ve seen AT&T has been trying to build, or rather WarnerMedia was, back when it was Time Warner, a DC-centric offering. I think what Apple is looking to do is replicate the Amazon video flywheel. Even the best network on earth hits a low ceiling. However, this model slowly started to return as pay-TV was discounted to drive broadband and/or landline phones, with deep discounts applied to HBO, Showtime and Starz in order to increase pay-TV customer retention. Subscribe to Recode podcasts to hear Kara Swisher and Peter Kafka lead the tough conversations the technology industry needs today. 58 minutes | Jun 5th 2019 Matthew Ball on Amazon vs Apple vs Netflix vs Disney, and how he built a digital media career by writing for free Recode and Vox have joined forces to uncover and explain how our digital world is changing — and changing us. In 2021, the company will launch an ad-supported version of HBO Max. And they’re not all watching Downtown Abbey, though. Now they’re getting there, and now they’re getting to the point where they’re saying, “You know what I really value? Some believe this fee will grow over time (and it probably will), but even at the music industry’s peak (i.e. Receive every essay via email; day of release, Gaming is going to grow a lot in the future. I think the point is, one of the interesting elements about how you look at video — and I think this explains a lot of what Apple is doing and why — is, Jeff, in the early years talked a lot about the Amazon flywheel, the Prime flywheel. One is, as with the Netflix pieces, it’s a frustration with a narrative that I think is wrong and I have the selfishness to want to correct it. They were doing a Washington-based power broker show. But for the rest, the “war” is mostly won through synergies and monetization elsewhere. the glory days of the CD album), spend peaked at $100 per capita. This is great. The standard AT&T argument has been, “We have HBO. I think you’re pro-Disney, we can talk about this. The Capitol rioters put themselves all over social media. It’s this idea that it was primarily coastal, upper-income programming. If you take a step back and you take a look at the rise of D2C [direct to consumer] services, such as HBO Now or Showtime, those services all launched first and foremost on iOS. The question is like any other. This is weird. Meanwhile, the media companies mostly sold themselves. But then, that was right around the time in which we started selling HBO. He had connected me with the then head of Amazon Studios. Okay, good, you’re not soliciting money for a fund? Despite the intensity, frequency and size of our media appetites, consumers worldwide don’t really spend much money on content. Okay, so you’re consulting for them, have been consulting for them? We reinterpret it as The Grand Tour. 1/ Every new year tends to be seen as the one where Netflix will start to feel Big Media fight back 2019 looks right! So, now you’re on the outside. The difference is they are bundling all of those genres — what we used to consider different styles of content or networks — all within one, and so the difference there is, when you take a look at what Netflix is doing, as an example, there’s a lot of criticism as to the average quality that they put out. By clamping down on DC rioters, Airbnb is finally acting like it owns the place. As digital media executives Matthew Ball and Alex Kruglov recently explained on Recode, even Netflix has started to move away from such data-driven creative decisions: ... Vox … For very fundamental reasons, when you played an arcade game, that experience was tapped out at 30 minutes. And then finally, no matter how important product and technology is, like any technology, it is getting easier at the basics level each year. It's also worth noting that this change isn’t unique to video, either. Next. They’re all these strange inheritances that we’ve gotten from the old world, that do or do not position you well. So, they’re bringing a fundamentally better consumer value proposition to a market that will bundle all the best content in the world, and is fundamentally about asking audiences to take existing spend, and not make room in their lives for more spend, for another video service, but instead to just change the channel, from Walmart to Best Buy, or iOS or Disney. They’ve got it by buying the best content on Earth, in high volumes, typically at prices they shouldn’t have ever gotten. When you spoke a minute ago about the fact that audiences are going to pay $7 for Netflix, or rather ... $7 for Disney and then $12 for Netflix, you have to look at it at a broader context. Got blown up 500 times bigger, and so forth. Facebook, I think, is still exploring this idea. A few pureplay media companies exist, but few are optimistic about their future beyond supplying content to these tech or tech-telco companies. Nov 12. Right? And I decided that I’d just walk in and try to introduce myself. You’re a big fan of Netflix. Yeah, and part of that is really just a question of brand. And I connected with him and that was prior to me going to the Chernin Group. Bandersnatch, that’s coming from the other angle. And then, Amazon had come and said that they were starting a new group, the strategy and planning group. We talk non-stop about Miley Cyrus’s latest antics and the feminist bravado of Beyoncé. The shift towards Netflix/pay-TV-styled “all you can eat” content subscribers, such as Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass and Xbox Game Pass, may also curb category revenue. We can call it cable TV, ha ha ha.”. @ballmatthew. I think in general, when you take a look at what’s the type of media that goes from one world to another world, you have some of the players in the market. But who owns that screen? Every day at Vox, we aim to answer your most important questions and provide you, and our audience around the world, with information that empowers you through understanding. Keep doing what you’re doing, but I’ll work with you to make the pieces better. It’s very simple. I really value Netflix, and whatever is there. First of all, there is a video tab on the homepage. But if it’s great, then all of a sudden you’re flying a little too high. And so, I think the real question is, as that business starts to expand, as your audience expands, and to some extent, Prime itself grew so much more than most of the Wall Street estimates believed it was going to, that you have to start growing your base. And going for the second-best-selling novel of all time and trying to do something new and ambitious is an incredible pathway to that. By Matthew Roberson @mroberson22 Jan 18 , 2021 ... Crawford beat the ball into the ground 44 percent of the time while never posting a hard-hit percentage above 30 percent. And this was really, as part of a big process at Amazon — which at the time was still very small, I think they had 100 employees at the studio, they were only in four countries. As long as they stay committed to it, they will. On the latest episode of Recode Media with Peter Kafka, Ball said Amazon has successfully synergized its media offerings to catch up with the once-dominant Apple. They can still recover, they can still have ... Their iPhone business isn’t going away, right? You tell me what happened. And given media can now be delivered at no marginal cost, it makes sense to deprioritize its revenue model for other areas. We know that Disney’s huge advantage here is their IP is so stellar. That has been a good business for Amazon. NBCUniversal is making a very similar argument. Even advertising reflects a desire to access the largest TAM of all: the overall economy. The skill set required to develop games there were very different than at home, where you could have a 20-hour story. I think a good way to do it is by reading a transcript from a different podcast I did with Jason Hirschhorn, who you all know. So even though it’s video games, it’s a whole different idea. And so, I just started doing that. But most consumers won’t need to make that choice. He doesn’t think it’s going to be as many as 10, he thinks it’s going to be more than four. And the forward plan, Lord of the Rings inclusive, Wheel of Time, suggests that they have properties that audiences will love too. You don’t really want to pay attention, you just want to listen. But so, Jason doesn’t know the names of this random blogger, let alone this double hyphenated, weird name. @ballmatthew. We know from the era of traditional television, that aggregated experience, the pay-TV bundle, adds value to it. Now they’re getting arrested. It is not going to drive first-time Prime subscribers in Malaysia, in India, in Brazil. Do you just make Game of Thrones, or rather Lord of the Rings-style content? It’s the existential threat. Music is an even more modest $33B. The fact that HBO’s average quality of programming is very different, it’s higher, it’s more elevated, it’s more aspirational. But again, there are not 300 million Americans saying, “I want to watch five-and-a-half hours of YouTube.”. Some of them charge, some don’t; some will generate direct profits, some won’t; some aspire to maximize view time, others just want a part of it. They know what Disney stands for, they know what’s in Disney, they know what Disney’s going to do and what Disney’s never going to do. Right, and there’s actually significant upside to Disney, because if you think about that $3.2 billion in consumer spend, half of that is markup that goes to the retailer. The narrative about Matthew Mayer—that his overconfidence is why he used to turn down shots as often as an alcoholic on $2 fireball night—is wrong. For the first eighty years of television, a company launched a video network to collect a share of the video pie. Here’s what to know. What am I missing? Yeah, I think a huge part of it is actually just going to be the younger audience members, who have sat there watching for five years, 10 years, frustrated by what they can’t do. We’re going to charge a lot of money for this podcast. At the same time, there are three other elements there. In Canada, is an undergraduate job. I think the biggest thing that’s misunderstood about Netflix is really what their objective is. They took everyone’s great content, and even mediocre content, and said, “We’re going to make something new with this.”. No. And then the second component is just, until audiences say, “We either want to reduce how much we watch, or we just want to take what Netflix has,” you’re not going to see a reduction. Even when we look at online games, the gaming companies that primarily thrived in the ’90s and the early 2000s are very different than those that really struggled in the online world or rather thrived in the online world. I really value Disney. The full pardon of Anthony Levandowski came out of nowhere. The partners did not like that. Jason talks about going to lunch with Kevin Mayer, a big-deal Disney executive, and Bob Iger, the biggest-deal Disney executive, and this is what Jason says about you: “We’re having lunch at Disney and Iger says, ‘You know you’re an idiot,’ and I’m like, ‘Why is that, Bob?’ And he goes, ‘You give away for free what we pay tens of millions of dollars a year for from management consultants.’”. I’m going to share it with you.”. However, it does mean that the more people who have your service, the less you require from each subscriber to generate a profit. It’s kind of fun to watch the recursive ... Yeah, for you. If you take a look at all of the advances that Netflix has made, that they’ve invested in, the supposed benefits that they’ve accrued from that, you have to put a lot of stock into that. The real challenge to me is not so much “are there going to be five or are there seven?” but how many of those five or seven are the free services that are just going to squeeze everyone out? You left after he left. We have Warner Bros., the actual movie studio.

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