I am a surgery intern in whats considered a "malignant" city to train. The goal of the Stanford General Surgery Residency is to train the future leaders of Surgery and develop the clinical skills to be superior surgeons. Our program is also a participant of the National Intern and Resident Matching Program (NIRMP). Will I get to sleep in an hour longer once I don’t have to look over every single detail of every patient every morning to make sure I don’t miss something? The application deadline is October 20. Every surgeon I know, including myself, has had doubts about their chosen specialty/career. We are committed to making this the finest Surgical Residency Program in the United States . I am such a better doctor because of that year. Applicants to our Stanford Plastic Surgery Residency Program are only taken at the internship level. Consistently between 70-80 hours (sometimes less or more depending on the service or how busy it is). EDIT: make sure you find an outlet, mine is exercise which i struggled with the first couple of months but now that I found a way to incorporate them I feel balanced again. Very few people get the opportunity to make a difference in this world and get paid extremely well for it. If you have any questions not answered here about the General Surgery residency program, contact Anita Hagan below. It’s those times that give us confidence that we made the right decision. Be grateful for being one of the selected few and if you are handed lemons, make lemonade. surgery training is arduous but a lot of fun. Our 2020 - 2021 Orthopaedic Surgery Residents See more about our residents & alumni. On Friday, March 20, Stanford Surgery welcomed 24 new interns as part of the 2020 National Resident Matching Program. That said, I really can’t say if it gets much better after intern year because I dipped out and switched to Anesthesiology...which I am loving haha. As you may know, approval by the American Board of Surgery and the ACGME has allowed the creation of integrated "0-5" Vascular Surgery Residencies. I seriously love this! 2019-2021 Clinical Fellow Email. MS3 here seriously considering surgery (gen surg or ENT most likely). At least now I have this post to fall back on when things get tough. Stanford University School of Medicine is one of the world's leading medical centers. I planned to keep a diary which I started MS4 during COVID but have failed to do so. out of curiosity how do people who switch get letters of rec? I had doubts about surgery before I even started intern year, but I really want to give it a fair shot before I made up my mind. ”Patients BP 142/78, are we gunna do anything about this?! I’m an ophthalmologist. Friend of mine went from a top surgery program to radiology last year. The residency pays for the chief residents to go to one meeting during their chief year. Dr. James Wall, Dr. Paul Maggio, and Medtronic's Christian Howell present "Value-Based Surgery: How we Evolve From Cutting Cost to Integrated Care Models." The goal of the Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program at Stanford University is to produce orthopaedic surgeons who are technically competent, interested in the overall well-being of their patients and knowledgeable of the literature in the field of orthopaedic surgery. Welcome to the Residency subreddit, a community of interns and residents who are just trying to make it through training! Prospective Applicants to the Stanford Plastic Surgery Integrated Residency Program: The Stanford plastic surgery program is undergoing a transition from a 6- to a 7-year program with one year (12 months) of mandatory research, bio-innovation, or international mission trip. We currently train 5 interns and 3 residents per year. Careers. Some of my coresidents haven’t had that yet. I went through something similar. I guess you have to attempt to define what about the year is making it hard on you. In the PGY-1 year, the resident partakes in a surgical internship consisting of 24 weeks in orthopaedic surgery and 28 weeks in various disciplines including anesthesiology, general surgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, physical medicine and rehab, and vascular surgery. The weekends really help you refresh and recover so you can go back to work energized. I genuinely look forward to going to work. Long hours, demanding situations, and an immense body of knowledge to master. I did an prelim intern year of surgery. Department of Orthopaedic Surgery I love going to work every day. Dr. Hasty is a General Surgery resident at Loyola University Medical Center just outside Chicago, IL. This is a subreddit specifically for interns and residents to get together and discuss issues concerning their training and medicine/surgery. Sure there are days that are stressful and tough, but I am having fun, I feel supported and am learning extraordinary amounts. It can be divided into two main categories: reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. Yes, the ability to find meaning in your work by helping other people is something that is easily forgotten. Dental Medicine and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Program The Dental Medicine and Oral & Maxillofacial Program at Stanford is dedicated to ensuring individualized quality patient care and customized treatment planning. I interview 500 for a class of 130. Also a plug for surgery: For med students considering surgery, don't get caught up in all the stereotypes you hear about surgery being malignant etc. I had some 100+ hrs/wk rotations, but I learned a lot. Hated non operative months and couldn’t see myself anywhere but the or. Stanford is great at this and pioneered it all the way back during the teachings of Shumway. General Surgery 2019 University of Chicago M.D. While many residency programs offer the opportunity to study abroad, Dr. Sherry Wren, who manages the international program stateside, says Stanford’s program is unique. The program utilizes the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Applicants can apply to one or both tracks. Stanford Medicine. Now that i've completed half of my intern year I'm doing some self reflection and realize that I am truly happy. surgery residents usually like what they do. Welcome to the Residency subreddit, a community of interns and residents who are just trying to make it through training! General Surgery, Vascular Surgery and Plastic Surgery had exceptional 2020 residency matches,” said Vice Chair of Education Dr. Jim Korndorffer. 330 votes, 166 comments. Being an attending is GREAT. I completely understand the feeling stupid thing at the start of residency. I think about that all the time that so many people would kill for my spot. Some of them just accept it. Very difficult and wonderful year of my life. Hi fellow applicants - It's that time of year, when 2020's spreadsheets wither and die and the 2021 specialty specific … As a student I thought it was gonna be groundbreaking when I got to start doing the actual meat of procedures, but I find myself kinda uninterested when I’m operating now. There is a lot of doom and gloom on this subreddit but I saw someone make a happy post and just wanted to share my 2 cents. Zedplast - The Stanford Plastic Surgery Alumni Association Since 1966, Stanford has produced over 145 graduates of its residency and fellowship programs. Division of General Surgery. Tbh I thought I would love the OR much more. The Adult Plastic Surgery Clinic, part of the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, is strongly committed to excellence in patient care and cross-disciplinary research that brings current medical developments into clinical practice. I know that the blanket answer will be “don’t worry everyone feels like this intern year” but I truly feel inferior to my peers. I operate much more than I thought I would as an intern. "All of our fellowship and ACGME residency programs have agreed to forgo printing the candidate photo as part of their racket for evaluation for invitation for interview," said Dr. Sherry Wren, Stanford Surgery's Vice Chair of Diversity.

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