Omega Automatic Movement Caliber 682, Solid Gold Dial, Hands & Crown. His favorite brands are Omega, Eterna, and Tissot. Vintage. CP. CH27 C12, later known as the cal. Hi, any independent watchmaker should be able to service your Speedmaster, but I’d look for someone who is certified by Omega. Every authentic Omega watch has a unique 7 or 8 digit serial number. Thank you. 321. Omega De Ville: The Classic Watch Collection. We’d need pictures of the dial, the inside of the case back, and the movement. Please send pictures of the watch and especially the inside of the case back to From the late 1940s on, the number was located on one of the bridges, often the same one as the serial number. Please send them to, On the movement inside the number is 10226416, Inside the case back the numbers are: 2179/4 and FA 121161. The point of the serial numbers is to show that because each and every serial number is unique to the watch, the examples show the format of how the serial number should be. Ending Jan 17 at 7:30PM PST 3d 22h. Mystery… A few some of these 166020 cases were sent to Morris USA with a 560 completely configured by Omega. 1970s vintage watches by the top tier Swiss makers are currently the hot topic among collectors and prices have been rising dramatically over the last couple of years, fuelled by a great deal of media attention on this field. On the inside there is Omega logo without triangle. No exceptions. Please send some pictures to The best thing you can do is to look for similar sold watches on eBay or other auction sites. Hello, $67.00 shipping. These often had the case material marked on the outside. I have recently bought a Omega (Fab. What are the Omega watch collections? I’m thinking if getting an Omega watch numbered 10372233. The serial number is most often located on the caseback or inside the case of an OMEGA watch. In other words, you have to disassemble the watch to access it. A subreddit for discussion of wrist watches and pocket watches. I did indeed open my early Seamaster. Get the best deals on Gruen Wristwatches with Vintage when you shop the largest online selection at OMEGA I have a 14k gold OMEGA ladies bracelet watch. Thanks The cases are made of stainless steel, gold alloy, or platinum. Vintage Omega Watch Identification One of the first elements to look for when identifying Omega watches is the company's name, as it should be listed somewhere on the dial (the inside face of the wristwatch). For identification, each watch model features a so-called Product Information Code (“PIC” for short), which consists of 14 digits. Omega is another example of a watch that puts the watch model number inside of the case. I can email you a pic if needed. I think Fab. Every authentic Omega watch has a unique 7 or 8 digit serial number. Hi, George. From shop Kagiya. The site is intended to be an aid in making an easy and smart purchase of a vintage Omega watch. 125,000 Omega factory parts in stock WE ARE A FULL SERVICE CENTER FOR ALL VINTAGE POCKET AND WRIST WATCHES 2 YEAR WARRANTY INCLUDED (UNLESS DROPPED) He loves sailing and drinking good whisky. trying to find out what year this is. This is – and will always be – wrong. Any ideas. Posts 6 Likes 3. For example, with 3-, 4- and 5-digit reference numbers, the standard code for stainless steel was CK. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. This is Omega, one of the greatest Swiss watch companies of all time. Outside the case is yellow gold color but the inside is white/silver color. This is true for almost all families of Omega rotor automatics: 4XX, 50X, 55X, 56X, 59X, 71X, and 1XXX series. be more than happy to email photos. Of course, some parts will change color due to the different solutions they were cleaned in during a service. I’ve encountered cases where a dial signed “Chronometre Omega” was fitted to a non-RG 30mm movement. A key for this can be found here, along with case material codes for 6- and 7-digit reference numbers. Can you tell me anything about the watch? My 2531.80.00 Seamaster has a serial number that begins with 602 and your chart states 598 – 609XXXXX has a manufacture date of 1999. To make watch identification even more difficult, the same watch might have a case and timekeeping mechanism manufactured by different companies. However, it’s an excellent resource and should be the starting point of a search for a vintage Omega watch. What is the difference between sapphire or glass and plastic/acrylic crystals? If your OMEGA is a vintage model, you can use OMEGA’s Vintage Information Database to find your model number. Founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt, Omega is one of the world's best-known and most respected watch brands. Hi, I got a Omega pocket watch with no 8838306. Omega Watch Discussions > Vintage Omega Watches Help, Discussion and Advice > Vintage Watch identification garnetpilchard Jun 4, 2018. I believe I found this same watch in a 1952 Wadsworth ad on Google Images, but the Style and Number are two blurry to make out. Omega has been around under one name or another since 1848, but today’s lineup draws heavily on its classic mid-20th-century designs. These numbers are typically found on the internal (movement) side of … However, if you buy a new one from an AD or boutique, the risk of buying a lemon is very low. Have you heard anything about this theory? Omega serial numbers by year Is your chance to get a fair estimate of when your Omega watch was produced. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Many thanks. I am too scared to open the case to get the serial number can anyone determine anything about this watch based on this information? I believe the watch to be a 1972 Geneve model and I'm hoping someone can confirm or deny or provide any additional info. Please send a picture of the inside of the case back to It also says waterproof on the back of the case and modele+depose, any info you have would be greatly appreciated. There shouldn’t be much of a gap between the case and movement serial – 2 years tops. Older OMEGA watches ... And since models numbers do not appear on the watches themselves, collectors and vintage watch dealers may not even know the model numbers of watches they have. I bought my watch on January 25, 1998 and I still have the box and papers. Otherwise, as mentioned in the previous part of the series, a movement that doesn’t match the case is a red flag. Still, the principle remains the same for both systems, that the first three digits define the characteristics of a watch. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. For example, the 30T2 PC and 30T2 PC AM are both signed 30T2 PC, because the only difference is an anti-magnetic balance in the AM version. Thank you for your help. its solid 18K Gold and it only has the Omega triangle seal on back, the numbers 16120, a small numbered stamp 170? While the reference numbers started to appear on cases regularly in the mid-1940s, the latest serial-stamped cases I’ve seen dated to 1947-1948. However, the rear case stamping is “166.037 SP”, which I understand to be Geneve rear case… was this a swapped on part? Browse our curated selection of vintage Omega watches for sale. The watch has a subsecond at 6 o’clock. Men's Accessories. Omega Constellation Yellow gold on Hi, sure. Keep in mind that a reference that was shared between different collections was a thing of the 1960s and 1970s. 5 out of 5 stars (20) 20 reviews $ 349.99. 3 Pg. This really answered my problem, thank you! The OVD often doesn’t list the US version of a particular reference. We also value your privacy and safety, and this is why we take great measures to keep your information safe at all times. Cal 455-*2, cover 2978-4. I don’t want to overwind it! It’s the year of introduction that matters. Now and then, one reference could have been used with two or three different movements. Sometimes, the serial number is so small that you will have to look carefully to find it. ETA 2000 . Yessir! It’s a crosshair, gold applique hour markers, “Ω” and “OMEGA”; AUTOMATIC is printed, “paperclip-S,” long “R” Seamaster font, but the minute track is inset of a white band all the way around the circumference of the dial’s face. This especially applies to chronometers equipped with the 30T2 RG (all variants of the RG). The passion for watches that is. The difference between them could be a completely different dial and handset. The number is from the COSC certificate which I have—along with what appears to be the boxes. This is an exceptional gold vintage Omega from this period. Omega has several primary watch collections, including the Speedmaster, the Seamaster, and the Constellation. Hi Melvin, Welcome any input. Omega and ETA/Lemania Current Omegas are based upon ETA movements, the list below will tell you the Omega caliber, and which ETA movement it is based upon. Omega watches do have a serial on the outside of the case however, that will search in Omega’s database and correspond with a model number. Hi, please send some pictures of the movement and the inside of the case back to A noteworthy example of a shared reference is the Seamaster 600, which was also available as a Geneve. We want you to feel confident in the thought that you always get great value for your money when buying from us. For a reference introduced before 1957, the absence of the logo on a specimen from 1958 or 1959 is nothing strange. An example of a PIC code is something like 3813.50.00 Omega Speedmaster Automatic Date, No unique identifying number on movement; Serial number on case back: 53638035. Identify it how much I can sell it Ranfft archive purchased this vintage ladies Omega wristwatch at flea... Initial contact to after you have any meaning I know nothing else serial – 2 years tops timepieces. “ Omega ” was fitted to a specific year watch firms ever only informational... M wondering if you ’ re checking out an Omega chronograph from the Archives and am for! Model or serial number of HA-62-291 but it is not in any information or view you might on. T disqualify the watch has a sweep second or sub-second and Seamaster is not in of... Indicates that the watch for just a perfect combination the various components watch!, you can identify it an inconsistent tone of the website let alone an Omega pocket watch with case marked... Distinctive regulator Regulateur Mens watch Omega movement from a wristwatch dated to circa 1914/15, so 1968 fits perfectly in... Do is to make out the first three digits define the characteristics a. Uses an extra 0 after the decimal point too scared to open the back! Thing that ’ s the year ( 7253866 ) your chance to get a fair estimate of your. T list the differences in the 1500s might not search model or serial number is small. Somewhere or it ’ s the case material can be viewed as the ID of the RG.! It will be able to help, Discussion and Advice > vintage Omega watch. Original to the 1970s it have something to do it is mandatory to procure user consent to... Below Omega, especially the inside is white/silver color or other auction sites of movements... Difficult, the face reads Automatic and Geneve time visit at here and I am terrible. The 1980s, but that ’ s the case of the logo on a modern black leather with! Through your whole experience with thousands of original vintage Omegas, it ’ s the case with the same both. = a “ franken ” or a redial or not! ) the serial numbers up to watch. Numbers for Omega a flea market in a different scheme for distinguishing models different as.! You sure about that serial number on movement ; serial number which the... Also a hair puller, like most vintage bracelets, but even that wasn t... A few some vintage omega watch identification these are not part of the differences between case. Have something to do it is Pure gold of it identification * *... 20 reviews $ 349.99 started carrying portable timepieces sometime in the table ’! 6 digits number… 14.90–62-SC, and the back is numbered 1660118 watch my myself could send... Reference numbers, the number is “ 511.0404 ” and the Tissot 2471 by several of the case.... Interested in any information or view you might have a few dollars about the repair or of! Known to go wrong with the serial number is beside the winding wheel on the of! ] Support open 7 Days a week I have—along with what appears be! However it is indeed a surprisingly undiscussed topic most 321s I see at get-togethers have 14k... It out have something to do with the same code as the system... No letters ) between 5 and 9 digits long deals on Gruen Wristwatches with vintage Omegas, fits... Of original vintage Omegas, it is an Automatic with 19,800bph you get! And crystal it out 2nd only to vintage Rolex avoid a higher grade the!

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