3. Posted in Troubleshooting, By Maybe it's the Sci Fi setting but then again I did like the first Dead Space and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Joined 9y ago. Question is just how many games are console gamers going to rebuy before throwing in the towel? But that doesn't really make sense. And if you have played it on PC, you must have also … BioShock: The Collection – First Impressions + 4K Screenshots September 19, 2016 John Papadopoulos 13 Comments 2K Games has released the BioShock: The Collection on the PC. While some of these issues may need to be resolved via a title update, the following steps have been known to resolve, or … That's the only benefit, and it's quite a minimal one. A downsampled image looks nowhere close to a native 4k image. All games in the package look noticeably better than the last gen console versions. Peter Bright - … This will give you an idea 4k is at the bottom of that page. Add Comment. Our performance charts aren’t just meant for the high end, but also for regular users, after all. Halo 5:Guardians? Second you can always zoom in and increase the distance to your monitor. Out of curiosity, what do you need to run Bioshock in 4K? The Downside: Consoles that are under-powered but still powerful enough with an affordable price and a year subscription to play online. XEON E5640 4.0ghz / ASUS P6X58D-E ~ Noctua NH-L12 ~ eVGA GTX 670 SC 2GB 1312/7000 ~ 4TB 7200 RPM RAID0 ~ CoolerMaster Haf 922 ~ DELL P214H 23" 1080 IPS 2ms ~ HP w2007v 1680x1050. I was taking a "stand." I'd rather have better lighting, physically based rendering and further draw distances (cause pop-in is jarring sometimes). Kind of pathetic that this is such a widespread issue. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Bioshock Infinite. bioshock 2 and the dlc were actually pretty good .... not as good as part 1 , but I'd say better then infinite. @decrypt, I just gave you a few examples of "Remastered" games in which you save money by buying the remasters. Until Dawn? I just tried setting Vsync in control panel and disabling in game but it didn't fix anything, sadly. A normal map looks like: EDIT: Also I don't know if it was just Source or whatnot, but I recall when I cranked up the texture detail too high on an GeForce FX card, sometimes the textures would default to a magenta checkerboard pattern. To each his own, skipping because they included multiplayer is dumb, is all Im saying. Can you fire up GPUZ or some kind of GPU monitoring tool (EVGA Precision X, MSI Afterburner, I think HWMonitor if it picks it up) and see if it's capping the VRAM? I mean its pointless buying all these remakes on console, anyone thinking this is a collection is deluded as when the next gen starts they will be back to square one as consoles have no BC. Started 23 minutes ago From the article. Files. Quantum Break? Sunset Overdrive? Playstation 2 Slim SCPH-70002. EpicAwesome1 06/07/13 • posted 04/16/2013. Wish I actually had a 4K screen so I could appreciate the difference properly... *sigh* maybe one day. So that implies that the textures are optional… Download Wallpaper 3840x2160 Bioshock Infinite, Games, Pc Games, Ps Games, Xbox Games, Graffiti Images, Backgrounds, Photos and Pictures For Desktop,Pc,Android,Iphones I do think there will be a bioshock trilogy soon, but I have the 3 games on steam so il be skipping that also. Chipples videogame_asset My games. Resolution is a big part but so is everything else. Browse and download Minecraft Bioshock Texture Packs by the Planet Minecraft community. Posted in Troubleshooting, By For instance at 4K the entire floor will be normal maps instead of the actual texture, at 3325x1781 some objects like vending machines or signs will have the same issue, at 4K however it's far worse. You can give your graphics card a little breathing space by increasing the Poolsize it can work with. Is that why I'm getting Disagreed with? Damn that rock is detailed! Here's a screenshot I took a while back: http://i.cubeupload.com/DCj... Talk again from people in the comments wanting remasters :). The reason I brought up The Handsome Collection is because both these franchises are published by 2K. BioShock:Infinite Posters and Adverts General. You missed out on a good game. Using the Unreal Engine 3, BioShock Infinite is a moderately-taxing game, but at 1080p, the GeForce GTX 1080 renders Irrational Games’ shooter with a 160.7 average FPS. My son and I did try the original Bioshock and while the game is good we found ourselves becoming bored too quickly for my liking. I have no patience to wait until all the screenshots load. Sign up for a new account in our community. Thats one if not the dumbest excuse Ive ever heard for skipping a game. And by the way, Bioshock 2's MP was actually fun. I would buy a Bioshock Trilogy remaster for PS4 day one!!! 2560×1440 resolution, higher resolution textures: BioShock Infinite Remastered: 2560×1440 resolution, higher resolution textures: Borderlands 2: Locked 60fps with additional 4K textures (must be downloaded from PlayStation Store) Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: Locked 60fps with additional 4K textures (must be downloaded from PlayStation Store) Borderlands 3 how much does it cost to play in 4k? I managed to solve the problem by wiping my old save game data and the config files for the game. On a 1080p monitor these bioshock screenshots look like 1980x1080 images. If people really desire to build a gaming library they should free them selves of these corporates buy all multiplats on PC. The team is currently investigating reports of stuttering, loss of framerate, low texture quality, and other performance issues in BioShock Infinite. NaNNNoteK Re-masters are good for the people that want them. chevron_left. Sign up to access this! Why do people act like this is the only gen w remasters. So I'd imagine other games might default to some random texture rather than stutter to all hell trying to get textures in and out. REXKING I consider most re-masters to be a bargain since DLC rarely goes on sale. Simple way to beat this is to hold on to your originals, I got the games on steam Ps3 and x360 no need for remasters. You get a game + all it's expensive DLC. Any body got a clue as to what the problem is? Posted in General Discussion, By For instance at 4K the entire floor will be normal maps instead of the actual texture, at … Started 17 minutes ago The Order? @Volkama I was never talking about native 4K resolution of course. I'm guessing you will need to buy a monitor and a new graphics card. BGrantas How many God of War collections were released? Loved the game though. N4G is a community of ​​​gamers​​​ posting and discussing the latest game news. It's easy! ... 4.4k; 1; 6y; More from Submitter. Dragon's Dogma) were back-tracking is also important and I really liked that game. Manual Download. Doesnt mean squat if you have crappy animation, lighting, and AI. crappy lighting? I'm disagreeing with you because you skipped Bioshock 2 because they included multiplayer. Last gen was full of them too. I'd rather pay $20 more and have the convenience of playing it on the new consoles with a bit of an upgrade in the graphics department with a hope of them adding the trilogy into the collection. Because that's how many pixels the screen can display. it seems that no one at bethesda played the game long enough to see the lag and you dont even have to play that long to see it, even after the patches the game still has problems. TLOU:R has like $50 worth of DLC if you would buy it on PS3 (does not include the purchase of TLOU). AMD’s R9 295X2 does a … Hello, i am having problems only with Bioshock, i own a 3GB GTX 580 and am using DSR to downsample the image, however i get really weird texture issues at DSR resolutions. The map is a Bioshock cross Minecraft map. TTice package General. you can really see it in the bricks, among other things. I will add images in another post as the images are big. You very quickly learn to manually save when you come into a dangerous situation especially after you loose a few hours of game-play :-), @nitus10 im aware of the problems with the ps3 version, i bought the game day 1 on the ps3 and the lag was so terrible after my saves got big, i switched to the 360 version then finally the pc version now but yeah i experienced those nightmares, i blame bethesda. If you can't see it from the two images shown i suggest you get an eye test, at this point i think it might just be the game being weird or maybe my drivers. I wish they would. haryyStarCracker When they were marketing Bioshock 2 they were emphasizing multi-player. Significant effort was put into the first 2 games while All games in the package look noticeably better than the last gen console versions. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Of course you do need a 4k monitor that can handle at least 60 fps and surprisingly they are not all that expensive although price does depend on size and performance as well. ( Infinite’s … The 4K revolution has arrived on PC, and if your eyes haven't yet dined at the table of Ultra HD gaming, we've tracked down the best 4K games sure to give them a … Did Bioshock 2 not have single player story still revolving around Rapture? Log in to view your list of favourite games. you've gone absolutely mad. Login; or; Sign up; ... Minecraft Bioshock Infinite texture. - Wallpaper Abyss Oh I forgot you skipped it. Does anyone know if this is optional? I like to play the FULL game (includes DLC). One thing anyone that wants to play Skyrim on the PS3 needs or should know is that when your saves exceed 6 MB you really need to turn off all auto saving and save manually from then on. Because I seem to be the only one, I'm going to be be dreadfully honest here, I do not see any resemblances to BioShock infinite in this texture pack. It's 2015 and people still don't realize that irrational games went under. Especially when it's a first person shooter. BGrantas And a list of guides I've posted. Not sure why my son and I lost interest but I prefer games like Oblivion, Skyrim and the Souls series and have put hundreds of hours into them. Does it make the game fun to play? Same here... Its just plain boring. I am expecting by the end of next year that the Xbox One's and (especially) PS4's selection at GameStop will be ridiculously littered with recycled games. In fact if you are "downsampling" by letting windows or your browser automatically scale the image you won't even get the super sampling-like benefit of using nvidia dsr or amd vsr. Started 37 minutes ago Title: Bioshock Infinite WQHD 1440p Wallpaper Size: 2560 x 1440 Categories: Quad HD WQHD (1440p) Video Games Keywords: Bioshock Started 32 minutes ago Plus, it's been proven that these "re-releases" are not preventing new IPs from being released on Consoles. PC is just now getting GTA V. Plus, none of my real life friends play on PC. You can zoom into the image. Mods. The way gaming in general is heading toward, I would be wondering why these games are not getting remasters. Am I the only one who couldn't care less about resolution and texture resolution? chevron_right. Booker DeWitt was the protagonist and playable character in the critically-acclaimed third installment in the series, BioShock Infinite.DeWitt is a former Pinkerton agent, disgraced and discharged for his involvement in the Wounded Knee Massacre, who is hired to travel to the floating city of Columbia to free a young woman from the ultra-nationalist, radical leader of the city. Linus Media Group is not associated with these services. Posted in Linux, macOS and Everything Not-Windows, By Because they don't need too.they're probably too busy working on elder scrolls 6 and fallout 4, I would not mind a remastered Skyrim for the PS4. On the requirements page it says the minimum HDD space needed is 20 GB and the recommended one is 30 GB. - Wallpaper Abyss To be exact when I said downsampling I meant the super sampling possible on Nvidia cards. At the time Bioshock 2 came out they were pushing garbage MP into every game that was traditionally a single player experience. Started 14 minutes ago These 4K images are uncompressed and are presented in the “.png” format–instead of “.jpg” format. Here are some unbelievable images of BioShock Infinite running at 4K resolution. Olitoni Or any of their games for that matter. Gears of War (untitled)? I want to play it again. I can also see people complaining, "wishing for another remaster?" Because I dislike the fact that they pushed a garbage Multiplayer onto the franchise (which failed and they reverted to focusing on single player in Infinite). That's the only issue I ran into. let us all remember now and today, computers do not like abuse, they will fight back! Mip Map i meant, in this case 4K just shows the lowest resolution mip map of textures possible. You just judged a good game for a dumb reason. Tech demo shows Scorpio’s superior graphics at both 4K and 1080p The much more powerful GPU enables better textures, better models, and better anti-aliasing. BioShock Infinite is playable in 4K on every card, though there are a few frame rate hitches with both Nvidia cards at 4K. Oh look at the masonry! The collection includes BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite, all but the last remastered for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. 55. Good game but didn't finish it. GPU seems to be handling the game just fine at a comfortable 30-45FPS. Everywhere I look people keep saying that Steam will download it when the game unlocks. Started 7 minutes ago Started 10 minutes ago Either someone has a 4k setup and can see the game in 4k for themselves, or they don't have a 4k setup and the quality of the screenshot is lost anyway. U realize u didn't have to play the MP and it didn't affect the single player at all right? So little point to sharing 4k images. Posted in New Builds and Planning, By N64. You ever hear of Bloodborne? Bioshock Infinite, no doubt, is a classy example of an environment filled with energy and art. I think you are right with regard to the backtracking but I have also played games (ie. I have a blog! 190 Bioshock Infinite HD Wallpapers and Background Images. These 4K images are uncompressed and are presented in the “.png” format–instead of “.jpg” format. Here are some unbelievable images of BioShock Infinite running at 4K resolution. It’s part of NewsBoiler, a network of social news sites covering today’s pop culture. Results: BioShock Infinite Again, you can almost double your average frame rate at 3840x2160 by dropping in a second GeForce GTX Titan. Games. 2nd doh today, I see what you are saying, must put my seeing glasses on when reading comments, :/ . And although getting the textures to even slightly resemble BioShock Infinite is a lot of hard work, I don't think enough effort is being put forth here to recreate the feelings BioShock games give.

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